Everything You Need to Make Your Event Run Smoothly

At ID Shop, we have a strong history of providing our customers with the best quality credentials, ID cards, badge holders, and ID card supplies. We’re passionate about delivering great products and service while putting you in control of your brand or company’s creativity. Whether you need supplies for everyday activities or you have an event coming up, allow us to assist you every step of the way. We already know how hectic planning, organizing, and ensuring your event runs smoothly can be, which is why we offer all the products and additional service you may need while you prepare for your event. Some of the event-related products we offer include event badge printers, custom printed ID products, badge accessories, and lamination products.

If you’re having an event with hundreds or thousands of people, it’s likely that you’ll want to ensure you have the proper security protocols to ensure that everyone at your event is safe and where they are supposed to be. This is where event badge printers and custom printed ID products can be of great use in terms of safety and productivity. If your event has a large number of people planning to attend, you might want to purchase an event badge printer so that you can quickly print badges on-site. We offer a wide range of badge printers so no matter what type of features or price you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it at ID Shop. Some of our badge printers include products from brands like Zebra, Fargo, IDP, and more. If you already have a badge printer, we have all the accessories for badge printers in stock and ready to ship. These include printer parts, printer cleaning supplies, ink ribbons, and blank cards. Custom printed ID products like security hologram labels, laser-printable ID material, or

wristbands can provide your event with extra safety measures that guests will be sure to not only notice but appreciate.

When you shop with us, you’ll get trustworthy service and quality products. You can purchase items online through our website or over the phone with our customer service team. Our customer service team is happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have from Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm through our online messaging system, via phone at 844-443-7467, or via email at orders@IDshop.com.

We offer high quality products with low cost, but we’re only as good as our customers say we are. Read some of our customer reviews below:

“ID Shop saved us a lot of time and gave our credentials a very professional look.”

• John Cline, Director of Event Operations, M&T Bank Stadium

“ID Shop is always there for us when we need them.”

• Red Leonard, Event Management & Games, The University of Alabama

“I fell in love with ID Shop. Once again, they did a phenomenal job from the initial set-up to the artwork and delivery. They knew what we wanted and went above and beyond.”

• Leticia Serafin, Ticket Manager, Creation Entertainment


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